Full Time Shucker

Our shellfish shuckers, like our chefs, are the life blood of our restaurant. All shuckers must be highly proficient with multi tasking and shucking large volumes of shellfish. Clean presentation, in conjunction with professional speed, is required. During service, the shucker greets and engages with the guests, and must be able to answers guests’ questions. Shuckers are required to have the same food, wine and beer knowledge as the front of house. Our shuckers will be taking food orders. The shucker will understand and follow food handling and safety standards.



  • Shucks at least 12 oysters in 90 seconds time
  • Knowledge of POS touchscreen system
  • Encompasses proper hygiene
  • Full availability and flexible schedule
  • Able to work on their feet for long periods of time
  • Able to lift 50+lbs

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